FREE Credit Score Every Month


FREE Credit Score Every Month


REVIEW: Credit Sesame’s free credit score

It’s not your all-important FICO score, but it can provide you with very important information.

This guest post comes from Jonathan at My Money Blog.


Another new website, Credit Sesame, now offers you free credit scores and updates based on your Experian credit report. No credit card required, no trial required. This is not a real FICO score, but an estimate of the FICO formula that uses the same range of 300 to 850. To avoid repeating myself too much, you can learn more about FICO vs. FAKO credit scores here.

Sign-up process. The sign-up process was quick and relatively painless. They ask you for your home address and household income, but this is primarily to see if they can save you money on a mortgage refinance. (This is one way they make money.) You’ll also need to answer three questions based on your Experian credit report data to verify your identity.


Online security. To get your credit score, you will need to give them your Social Security number. You’ll have to decide for yourself if you feel comfortable doing this. They do claim all of the usual security measures, including 128-bit SSL encryption, password encoding, and working with Experian to test their systems. They also do not sell personal information, but will use it to target potential offers to you.


The information that you provide — including name, date of birth, email, real estate ownership, home address, Social Security, and any information about your finances (income, assets, debt, credit) — is not sold to third parties.

 FREE Credit Score Every Month

My credit scores. Here’s a screenshot of my current credit score according to Credit Sesame:


My score of 696 is actually kind of low for me. Compare this with my score from Credit Karma, which is a similar company but uses the TransUnion bureau credit report:

Why the big difference? After some research, I finally remembered why my Experian score may be lower. More than two years ago, I found out my old library sent me to collections over a $40 overdue book that I returned. This annoying ding only shows up on my Experian report. Post continues after video.


FREE Credit Score Every Month

Obama to Print More Mortgage Money


Obama to Print More Mortgage Money,   Presidential Election Prediction   ,Obama

..and before we could finish this we just learn that

– the US Admin will be printing 40 million dollars a month to purportedly help people buy houses. Haven’t we heard this story before… and just in time for the election…to boost Obama’s chances…

       I don’t usually get too political or even watch much news but I’ve had a little extra time   being with Dad and couldn’t believe all the sad, crazy stuff going on the last few days during and prior to 9/11 ,or,  is it just me? …i.e.
0) Killing and probable torture by extremests in Libya or Libyan ambassador Chrsit Stevens
and kiilling of three other Americans in team on 9/11,
despite apparent missed intelligence prior 48 hours
1)  I see the Obama admin. aiding  new government in
Egypt (which Obama even admits is no longer a ‘friendly’ countr)
 with 1 1/2 billion $s     while  its   ‘Muslim Brotherhood’   followers
protest   the U.S. , ostensibly as a protest ofd  anti-Muslim   youtube film made by some hack;the real reason is most likely the 9/11 anniversary but the US ‘apologizes’ (Hilary Clinton)for the insensitve movie the govt. had nothing to do with,  nonetheless,
2)  OBAMA not wanting to meet with Israeli Prime Minister
Netenyahu at  UN summit, claiming he’d be ‘out of town’ but someone else would meet him,(firsttime ever an Israeli Prime Minister would not be met by the sitting US President),
3)earlier, the US (Democrats)  removing ‘Jeruslem’ and ‘God’from the Democratic party platform at the DNC and only after protests from both sides awkwardly putting them  back in  after a ‘staged’ three time vote
4) Obama makes a tepid denunciation
of the terrorist killing and torture  of our ambassador to Libya, 9/11/12  (from nearby Piedmont, CA) and
killing of three others the latter (largely forgotten by the press) after first issuing a statement
apologizing for the US’s religious intolerance!
The killing of the Libyan ambassador was an act of war
and  Without  real plans  of preventative action by the US
this sort of thing will continue. Instead of Obama/govt saying the purpetratorwill be ‘brought to justice’ why not make sure  the Libyan govenrnment and others better  secure
the US consulates / embassies in the future. Especially on the anniversary of 9/11
you’d think there would have been better security called for by both Libya and the US

The US is now down to one real friend in the ever crucial middle East
and we’re   in danger of losing Israel as Obama tries to appease both   Jews and  Muslims. Sometimes you can’t do both, especially  in times like this. Right now Israel needs a strong voice and help from a friend – and the US needs Israelin the Middle East!

On the local (US) front There’s a lot more sad,crazy   stuff – here are just two examples:

Are you aware that 4x (FOUR TIMES) as many people are leaving the labor force (196,000
just last month per US Labor Statistics) as our
joining it? So, yes, technically unemployment may have been down a bit  in August but they don’t add
it the numbers of those leaving the labor force.

– our government’s  raised the food stamp program  by 46% or
45 million people and expanding welfare by 20% with longer deadlines – average person now goes 27 months without working- which
only gives people another a reason not to look for work  –
thus the   196,000 who stopped looking for work in August, not to
mention the burden on on the economy while  we give away millions to our enemies in the mid East.
No wonder so many more people actually  believe they’re better off now than when obama took office four years ago, what with all these increased handouts. Welfare and food stamps are fine IF they  really lead back to work. But now they’re only adding to a worsening
enconomyy in ways that aren’t reported, and yes, Obama is benefitting in his election bid with newfound admirers, happy to attain the new gifts.
I think it’s important to look beyond what we see and hear in the media  for possible
ulterior motives, especially in this election year, ie the Libyan killing was NOT likelybecause of some independent little video but a well-planned execution aimed at the 9/11/12 anniversary.
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Obama to Print More Mortgage Money, 2012 Presidential Election Predictions